Tier Pricing Line Item Listing using Tier Level Pricing, By the Line, By The Month.

Reading the Pricing Tier’s

The tier’s are stair stepped and each level is billed quarterly (Month X 3) at the top step of each tier’s level.
Meaning that a dealers list of 85 line items in Tier Three is billed at the minimum of 150 line items, or $2.49 monthly, $7.47 for three months. Yes, might as well have 150 items in Tier Three. That’s kind of the point.

All tier levels are calculated this way based on solid factors. The time and energy to parse or scrub a list of 500 line items is pretty much the same as doing 60. There’s the daily maintenance to add, remove, upload, correct and remove line items regularly. This Tier Level listing pricing is helpful in encouraging to strive for the listing of all your NOS parts that have had “No Sale in 12 or more months” and at least the maximum number in each tier. We have found that a three franchise dealer in business for just under 10 years, can have well in excess of 2500 – 5500 items on their “509 Obsolete items by Vendor, ALL Vendors” ( Lightspeed) report.


Your won’t be charged for all you submit, just what’s agreed to after we do the work and return the suggested list to you. Before you agree to anything you’ll know exactly what will be listed and what you’ll be billed. We DO NOT automatically Up Load the entire list! We do not attempt deception or surprises. We will scrub your entire list and send back to you what we suggest. You take it from there! and let us help with what’s most important to you.

Obviously, Tier pricing was not adopted for money. Seriously, $0.0058¢ or about a 1/4th of a penny, it’s not a lot of money. It does help pay for some updates and maintenance but comes nowhere near covering the cost of new technology, new plugins as well as the cost of hosting, bandwidth and processing power, not to mention marketing of the site itself, all in which YOU benefit. Regards to processing power, admittedly the site is Hosted on GoDaddy servers and is slow right now, I’ll be moving to a single virtual server on Amazon Web Services as soon as possible. Huge difference for a little money!
So!. . We’ll scrub the list you submit for you and submit it back to you with recommendations. Then YOU decide your course and your pricing. We can easily automate some of this process faster in our software. Example, We know you probably don’t have those 09L00-YXB-10TDR Red Tie Downs from Honda or the ACC-0SS58-40-30 Blue Tie downs from Yamaha. You sold those under another part number probably aftermarket. So now your inventory is off. We can help find those instances and get your inventory in better shape as well as have an affordable way to try and turn your NOS into cash and get you paid.

The base commission structure is set to a 60/40 split between your obsolete parts and There is some flexibility in certain circumstances to be determined between each vendor and Several have said they’d be pretty happy to recover 60% of their NOS parts, that have on the average, been on the shelf over 33 months, or longer. That is how the 60 dealer/ 40 split was derived. Most of the time the buyer would pay shipping but that detail can change for each purchase, for each vendor. We foresee that there could be instances when the shipping cost’s could be shared three ways or even totally paid! A dominant number of items will easily ship USPS and the nature of this market is that overnight is rarely ever necessary. Ask yourself again, ” How long has it been sitting there?”

Questions?, Comments?, Reach Out through the contact forms on or at and we’ll get back to you quickly with an answer.

Please Read the following TPS Carefully and we value your opinion.

Tier Pricing System (TPS)
Tier One: 15 product Lines are Free Per Line item per month, no matter the value of the items listed for as long as you want them listed in the database. $0.00

Tier Two 60 Lines: Between 15 and 60 Product line Items are calculated at a rate of 60 lines X $0.0331666 per line item, per month. Listing Rate is $1.99. Tier Two minimum: $1.99 / 60 items = $0.0331666¢ per line item, per month. $1.99

Tier Three 150 Lines: Between 61 and 150 Product line Items are calculated at a rate of 60 X $0.0166 per line item, per month. Monthly listing rate is $2.49. Tier Three minimum: $2.49 / 150 items = $0.0166¢ per line item, per month.

Tier Four 250 Lines: Between 151 and 250 Product line Items are calculated at a rate of 250 X $0.01396¢ per line item, per month. Monthly listing rate is: $3.49. Tier Four minimum: $3.49 / 250 items = $0.01396¢ per line item, per month.

Tier Five 500 + Lines: Between 251 and 500 Product line Items are calculated at a rate of 500 X $0.00998¢ per line item, per month. listing rate is: $4.99. Tier Five minimum: $4.99 / 500 items = $0.00998¢ per line item, per month. This will be the most popular Tier!

Additional line items over 500 and up to 1000 line items are billed at $.0058. Example 1. = A 1000 line items billed at 500 X .00998 and 500 X .0058 = $7.89

Again, additional Items up to 1000+ billed at $0.0058¢ per line item.
Example 2.= A listing totaling 1750 line items would be billed 500 X .00998¢ = $4.99; and then the additional 1250 lines at $0.0058¢ per line or $7.25 for a total of $12.24 per month.

Seems confusing at first but remember we’re going to parse your list and send it back to you with recommendations and what the monthly listing would be.
Variance’s for your final parts list will fall wherever it will based on the number of parts in it, that’s the explanation for so many tiers or pricing levels.

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