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Welcome to the initial and temporary landing page at Here we’ll give you a good overview of what this site is about, who it will benefit, how it will operate and how it became to be. We appreciate your patience and as you read we’ll follow along and just know that if you have any questions or comments we’re happy to hear from you.
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The idea of came as an idea almost 12 years ago. We’re trying to make it’s purpose simpler than previous business models and also in the good nature of “keeping it in the family” we want to deal with and provide access of our services to those outdoor power equipment dealers and powersports business’ that make up nearly all of the experience amassed in the past 40+ years. This is why we have chosen a membership style entrance to, much like the major parts and equipment distributors of both industries do.

There is an extensive FAQ page here, Be sure to got there to look for any questions that you might have that have already been answered. In the meantime here are a couple of excerpts highlighting what is here for.

“Just how does this whole thing work?”

Think of it like this: PowerSport Strategies through it’s website, takes the place similar to a wholesale distributor representing various parts just like anyone else in the business. The difference in is doing is that for the moment we don’t stock anything. We represent the dealer and the thousands of new but older unsold parts you have sitting on your shelves. . . (read more)

“What if I have a list of parts I’d like to include in your data?”

Simply UpLoad or Email it to us from the “UpLoad” page at or  . . . (read more)

“How is the price of parts on my list decided on ?”

You decide the price. It’s your inventory. But lets be up front by saying this is obsolescence, not normally current stock. Inventory that by our research has been on the shelf on the average of an unbelievable 33 months!! When you price your OBS inventory out to us for be realistic. . . Typically the actual dealer cost at the time of purchase is the starting point.(read more)

“This has a familiar feel to it, why?”

A few years back there was a company that did something similar. The premise was widely accepted and still is today.. . .
(read more)

Nothing’s free, What’s This Gonna Cost Me?

Let’s face it, we’ve been talking about inventory that’s been just laying there gathering dust for an average of 33 +/- months! It doesn’t take rocket science
to figure out that you’d be better off with “Some Money” in the till’ rather than those older parts hanging around on the shelf. The cost of carrying inventory is
estimated to be approximately 2% per month. Do some math. We have a four tiered listing system with
. . . .(read more)

 “I see how get’s paid, but how do I get MY money?”

Yep. . got a plan for that to. Two Words : “Digital Wallet”.. . does not handle your information or store it. Your “Digital Wallet” will
receive your portions of the items we sell, you’ll simply be able to log into your account, download & direct your funds anywhere you want them to go. PayPal,
Bank account or apply it to your card of choice. (read more)

“OK! I’m in! What if I still have additional questions or concerns not addressed here? “

Easy question, thanks for asking. . Go to Contact
and reach out to us with additional questions or comments. You can also send an Email to Partsforu@gmail.comand we’ll respond as timely as we  possibly can.

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